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why work with me

I was 19 when I began working in the tech start-up space. The vantage point at which my skillset began to form was highly unique, and in a lot of ways, I think it afforded me a few extra years than most to experiment and toy around with what would ultimately become my core wheel house (strategy x operations x content).

Cantú Creative was initially built out of necessity - my role had been dissolved, and I needed to temporarily rely on contracting to get by - but as I began working with individuals and brands, I saw how much folks needed (and thankfully, wanted!) someone at the intersection of my skillset as well as the cultural context that I was able to bring to each project.

That being said: I’m excited about building content driven experiences that hit the nail on the head with multinational audiences, because I’ve been on the receiving end of ones that don’t. Bonus: I have a track record of being pretty good at it too. You work with me because you need to know what’s cool here but not there, and vice versa. When you need someone who can speak the language of creative and engineering, who can leverage data to iterate on marketing campaigns, and can look at your wild ideas and organize, optimize, and scale them. When you need someone who can align brand, people, and product towards one purpose.

If that sounds like you, let’s chat.

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I strive to create culturally relevant solutions and manageable strategies for brands across the digital landscape. from copywriting and campaign ideation to email marketing and more, I specialize in helping brands scale and organize their content to build meaningful stories.



  • Social Media Management (Hourly, Monthly rates below)

  • Copywriting 

    • Newsletters ($75+ per)

    • Social Copy ($25+ per custom post)

    • Short Form Blogs ($100+ per blog)

  • Social Campaign Creation and/or Execution (Per-project)

  • Content Calendar Creation and/or Execution (Per-project)

  • Creative Project Management (Per-project)

  • Product Marketing (Per-project)

  • Multicultural Marketing Strategy, White Board Session ($350) and/or Creation and/or Execution (Per-project)

- Hourly, ~50-150+

- Monthly, ~4000+

- Per-project, flexible and depends on scope of work.