I've always been extraordinarily intellectually curious (okay, that was more than a word). 

One year I insisted I was going to be a fashion illustrator and began looking up courses (I was eight), the next I wrote an email from to the dean at Oxford because I read too much Harry Potter and was obsessed with the idea of studying literature. At the same time, I was the youngest of 3 and I grew accustomed to having to make a case for what I wanted (it’s a blessing and a curse that I grew up in the age of PowerPoint). I wasn’t a young creative that was allowed to paint whichever wall I pleased- I had to prove why that specific wall needed my stamp. My parents ended up raising a true left-right brainer, and its served me well.

When I had to "narrow down" what my creative streak looked like in high school, I ended up going the journalism route, and graduated having co-edited a Texas state award winning high school newspaper. Only focusing on the writing was never enough for me though; I wanted to be involved in other parts of the process, from design to distribution. So when I got to college I pursued a corporate communications degree because it was more dynamic, and lent me more flexibility in the job market. Luckily I went to school in Austin, a major creative and tech hub, where I was able to parlay my past experiences into digital marketing heavy internships. These days, I do more of what folks would call content strategy. This continues to excite me, because at the core of it I love creating and managing experiences through the lens of storytelling, end to end. As someone born on the Texas-Mexico border, translation comes naturally to me.

Combine all this, and you have someone who is adept at translating messages and bringing a product to life that can resonate across the board. In my opinion, what better, more holistic way to impact than by working on crafting the messages and visuals people receive?

Aside of making cool shit with even better people, other hobbies and interests include: hiking, Texas hill country, finding a good happy hour, subscribing to obscure newsletters (like this one, all about NYC's MTA), museum hopping, attending Groupmuse's, and reading my pile of library books before the late fees come to get me.


WANT TO work with me? 

Here’s the deal. I’m a writer turned strategic marketer with 5+ years experience working with high growth technology companies (Bumble, Yelp, Jopwell). Looking to join a team and apply my skills and passion for Strategy and Content. Currently, I freelance and develop manageable strategies for brands to scale and organize their content as it flows through a product, social channel, or experience.

Professionally, I'm a strategist. Naturally, I'm a storyteller. My career has spanned various industries, from online shipping logistics to organ donation technology to dating apps- I have an aptitude for learning systems quickly, and I enjoy challenging myself in that way - but throughout all those industries, my core skillset has remained constant: strategy x content.

If you’re looking for someone who constantly has her ear to the ground on any number of emerging trends and issues, is an expert at translating needs cross-department, and excels at bridging narrative gaps and bringing concepts to life, I’m your person. Reach out below, or see the microsite for my contracting rates here. For more in depth strategy samples and decks, email me for a personal Box link.